This almost shouldn’t count as a first post…

Welcome welcome welcome to my new health, fitness, and faith-spiration blog! I think the worst of my blogging experiences (thinking of an awesome name and finding a background) are over, and for that I am so grateful. It’s time for me to start sharing the things I love, like workouts that kick your butt (or arms… or abs… and always sweat glands), healthy, delicious recipes (fair warning: I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER), and a strong faith in God that keeps me going every day (because, think about it, where would you be without Him?). I am so so excited to talk with whoever is reading and get input towards future posts. I want YOU to learn something new and feel inspired to power through your day. You’re invincible, and I’m fully prepared to beat up anyone who tells you different.

Good Things 🙂



One thought on “This almost shouldn’t count as a first post…

  1. Kelli,
    Love the blog and will try the exercises. Great pics and directions.
    So glad your mom posted this….looking forward to future blogs. Recipes and tips for healthy habits appreciated.
    Happy Day!!

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