Smoothies and Mood Boosts

As I start writing this post I do it partially because I feel guilty for not posting a Weekend Challenge for those who follow it (or make their best effort to). I also do it just because I feel like it’s time to share something new. I want that something to be smoothie knowledge, not that I have very much, but I do love making/drinking smoothies and I know they are SO good for you. So what I’ve just decided to do while writing this last sentence is to chat about smoothies and then try something I haven’t before that will hopefully motivate you and/or make you feel silly and happy. So. Topic 1.

Smoothies are a great way to disguise the veggies you don’t like to eat. Like carrots. And spinach. They’re also a yummy way to get a serving of fruit, and usually dairy as well. I keep lots of frozen fruit in my fridge, including bananas and fruit that I bought from the produce section but couldn’t finish before it went bad. I don’t measure anything. I add the fruit (and veggies) that I’m in the mood for, say some strawberries, or peaches, or both. I dump in a 6 oz. container of fat-free vanilla yogurt and some milk. More times than not a spoonful of JIF Natural Peanut Butter mysteriously finds its way into the blender as well. I have yet to figure out how. Usually with all of the frozen fruit I put in I don’t have to add ice, but sometimes I want my smoothie really cold, so ice helps. I figure the great thing about smoothies is you can mix together a bunch of fruit and it won’t taste bad. You can guesstimate measurements and it won’t taste bad, either. You can camouflage vegetables you’re not in the mood to eat, add protein powder after a workout, become your own chef. I’m ranting about smoothies like they’re so inspirational. I guess they’re just healthy, delicious, and nutritious! Try them. Peanut butter and banana, strawberry banana, peach, pina colada (virgin of course) and banana. Because they’re such a popular thing right now there are many, many recipes floating around the internet if you’d like to follow directions the first few times you make one. And here’s a very helpful added bonus for you: After you’ve finished making your smoothie, rinse your blender with water, then fill it with water and soap. Blend. And now it’s clean! (And you’re not cutting your fingers on the blades) Go make one you can slurp on while you read the rest of this post…


Good Things 🙂



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