Weekend Challenge April 6th and 7th

Happy (rainy) Friday! Friday means time for another weekend challenge (although doing this more than just on the weekend is good for you, I promise). Before you go to bed Saturday and Sunday night (even tonight if you read this in time) STRETCH! Five to ten minutes is all it takes. The back of your legs, your butt, your quads, your arms and shoulders, your hips, your back, your tummy. Take a few deep breathes during each stretch, or count to thirty. It will relax you for bed, and you will feel looser when you wake up in the morning. Choose to keep with this routine for a few weeks and you’ll start to see improvement in your flexibility. Don’t believe me? Check how close you can get to touching your toes, and keep a mental note. Check again in a few weeks and see how you’ve improved! I bet it’s quite a bit.

I’m going to the happiest place on Earth this weekend… EPCOT at Disney World! EPCOT is my favorite park. Before I get to do that though Lils’ flag football starts, and Kid’s Triathlon training continues. Swimming practice tomorrow! Oh boy! By the way, have you heard how good swimming is for you? Pick it up this summer and you’ll see what I mean.

Good Things 🙂



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