Weekend Challenge April 20th and 21st

Hello all! Pardon my tardiness on this post. It was my not-so-little brother’s birthday yesterday and we got a little carried away with cake and presents. Now that that’s over, though, it’s time to turn our attention to our Weekend Challenge!

Have you ever done a yoga video or been to a class? Every one that I’ve tried has ended in Savasana, or “Corpse Pose”, as my yogi roommate has just informed me. We both prefer Savasana, but take your pick. Google it, but it’s basically just a time at the end of the yoga session… or a workout… or the day in general… where you lie flat back on the floor, with legs and arms out straight and relaxed, and palms facing up. Take deep breathes and try to forget about everything else that is taking up space in your mind, things on your to-do list, what you did earlier that day. I’d like you to try doing this before falling asleep at night, whether it be in your bed as you fall asleep or on the living room floor after you turn of the TV for the night. It’s important to de-stress and allow yourself to clear your head.

Try Savasana tonight and tomorrow night as you’re falling asleep, and try to think about how you feel when you wake up the next morning. Relaxed? Like you got a better night’s sleep? The same? Did you fall asleep faster? Maybe this will be a habit you get into at the end of every night. It doesn’t take extra time, it just takes mindfulness. Good luck!

How is everyone coming on stretching and touching their toes? Have you improved?

I hear it’s still snowing up north, and down here it’s an uncharacteristic 60 degrees and raining. What are you doing to stay active inside today?

Good Things 🙂



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