Weekend Challenge May 18th and 19th… Almost

Excuse my tardiness! It almost doesn’t count as a weekend challenge when I post something on Sunday. GOSH, silly me. Between my roommate going out of town, a Skype session, and addictive jewelry making, I forgot about you! Please don’t be mad.

So today, and maybe yesterday, your challenge is/was just to be active. Do something outside, do everything outside. Go for a walk or run, go canoeing, go to the beach, plant new flowers and veggies in the garden, anything. I hope you could do this yesterday without me asking you to, but today I’m telling you to instead.

I leave for a family vacation to the Grand Canyon on Wednesday. Before that I am hoping to post some two-for-one exercises that work your whole body (for the days when you just don’t have much time, or for those who really don’t like using weights).

Have an awesome rest of the weekend!

Good Things 🙂



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