Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Wings, and Football

You know fall is getting closer when church goes back to non-summer service times, the produce section at Publix is 75% apples, football is on TV all day, and you start making “fall” recipes like winter will be here tomorrow. You also know that this was a good day.

After going to church (an hour later!) and restocking the pantry and fridge, my brother and I bunkered down on the couch to watch the Colts. For lunch I made these baked sweet potato fries, and got creative using spices this time like Mexican chili powder, paprika, rosemary, and then the called for salt and pepper. The cornstarch is the secret crunchy weapon. I cooked them 15 minutes, flipped them over, and gave them another 12 minutes… before eating them all. Yummy!


And who can forget a delicious fall (or year-round…) iced chai! EXTRA YUM! I use Oregon Trail Sugar Free Chai Concentrate with original flavor light soy milk from Silk.


By the time the Packers came on at 4 I had wings on my mind! I picked up a bag from Target and found this recipe. I promise I didn’t eat the whole bag. My brother and his girlfriend approved them, thank goodness.


You also know it’s fall in Florida because I’m headed out to the pool, where the pool water hasn’t been a refreshing temperature since June and the ice in my cup melts in 5 minutes. Ah, the never-ending summer weather. Good, but a leaf change and white Christmas would be nice…

Before I go, here’s some Bonus Abs! 30 seconds of each exercise, without stopping.
Top half crunch
Lower half crunch
Full body crunch
Heel touches (aka penguins)

Be done there, or be ambitious, rest a few minutes, and repeat!

Good Things 🙂


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