Late Again

On Thursday morning my boyfriend, his sister/my roommate, their mom, and I left for a wedding in their hometown in Maryland. We drove and drove and hit traffic and drove and I missed my weekend challenge deadline and we drove some more. I apologize for that.

However, through all of this driving and necessary eating-out and sitting and being stiff I realized how different my job is than so many others and how much more important it is for those of us sitting at desks and computers all day to get moving. At gas stations I would stretch, do some jumping jacks, anything to stay loose and keep blood flowing. During a day at work, for those of us not on our feet, it is important to do the same, whether it be taking a lap around the office every half hour or hour, going for a walk during lunch, or stretching at your desk for two minutes. These littles things are not only good for you, they make you noticeably feel good as well.

This week, and permanently if you can, try to sneak in a couple muscle wake-ups a few times a day. The night before or morning of work pack a few ziplock bags of healthy snacks, like nuts and dried fruit, popcorn, pretzels, protein bars, etc. Aim for things with lots of fiber and protein to keep you full until your next meal.

So back to the fun things. The wedding was yesterday and it was so much fun. There were amazingly high levels of happiness and love, and even though I knew hardly anyone, by the end of the night I felt like part of the family.

I caught the bouquet. HA. And guess who caught the garter? (Thank goodness it wasn’t a stranger, that could’ve been awkward.) I didn’t exert much effort, it came straight to me. When the groom saw that he said he just mustered all the energy he could and threw the garter (which is light and didn’t fly very far) as high in the air as possible. Naturally, then, all Ryan had to do was raise his hand in the air and boom, we were sitting in front of everyone with music playing and cameras flashing. See evidence below…


All in all it was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride and groom and wonderful atmosphere. I am so glad we got to share their special day with them.

Try out those active tips at work this week and see how it makes you feel. Better? I bet so!

Good Things 🙂