Weekend Challenge June 8th and 9th


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting! Between hiking and friends visiting and doctor appointments and work and life in general, I guess you can say it’s been a bit busy. But that’s no excuse to have slacked on a weekend challenge. I hope you’ve been active and healthy and happy while I was gone. Time to get back on track.

You weekend challenge is to keep a food journal. Just for Saturday and Sunday (or more if you’d like). Be truthful with yourself. No one else will see it (unless your child brings it to show and tell on Monday…). Did you have three oreos? Write down all three. Think it’s not important to write down that little snack you had a half hour before dinner? Do it anyways! Don’t forget to record your fluid intake- especially water! Do you ever find yourself saying “Oh I don’t usually eat _____, so it’s okay if I have one tonight”? Maybe it turns out you don’t eat Exhibit A every night, but you do eat a similarly unhealthy Exhibit B, C, D, etc. and over time that may leave more of a mark than you think. So write down what you eat this weekend. If you’d like, do it for a whole week. You may be surprised with what you see!

Get outside this weekend and do something active! It’s finally summertime and we need to take advantage of it. One of my best friends is visiting from Michigan. Tomorrow morning she’s going to help me coach Lils’ basketball and then we’re going to take a spin class together. Hopefully the rain stays away, but whether it’s wet or dry we’re going to have a fun time. YOU BETTER HAVE A FUN TIME, TOO!

I promise to be better about updating. Scout’s Honor.

Good Things 🙂