Easy, Healthy Bean and Spinach Soup

Just because it’s 95 degrees outside doesn’t mean I can’t sit in the air conditioning and eat soup. It is September, after all. It’s about time to start pretending that it’s FALL! (Next stop…. pumpkin everything).

So this afternoon I threw this recipe for bean and spinach soup into the crock pot and then went about my day. Because I rarely eat a vegetarian meal, I also added a pound of cooked lean ground beef. It was a good choice.

ImageAnd good thing it was delicious, because I think there are enough leftovers for dinner every work night next week, and then some afternoon snacks when I feel like I just haven’t had enough of it.

I’ve been really into mug cakes the past few weeks, so I spend 3/4 of my spare time hunting down healthy, or at least reasonably healthy, recipes nowadays. You can check out my collection so far on my Pinterest page. Tonight I made this Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (with unsweetened applesauce substituted for the oil), and it’s taking a lot not to go back and make another… kind of defeats the purpose of single-serving mug cakes.


Be real, you pick around the nuts for the M&M’s.

Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging this. Maybe you don’t buy trail mix. But we all have that friend/family member (GRANDMA) that always has some out. Which you eat all of. Again… mostly the M&M’s.

Happy still-the-weekend time!

Good Things 🙂



Ah Soup, Must be… Another Hot Summer Day in Florida?

I’m sitting down to a yummy hot dinner (on another hot Florida day). Why would I make soup in the summer, you ask (or at least I ask myself)? Because it’s really yummy and really easy. It took about 15 minutes to make and all of the ingredients were already magically in my kitchen. Try this recipe for Turkey Meatball and Tortellini Spinach Soup and you won’t be disappointed. I changed the recipe a bit and used turkey meatballs (frozen aisle at Target) and this time had to use ravioli because someone kidnapped my tortellini. Whether you use ravioli or tortellini, it will still turn out wonderfully. Don’t forget to sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top for that last little bit of flavor.

Hot off the stove! 15-minute Turkey Meatball and Tortellini (Ravioli) Spinach Soup

Hot off the stove! 15-minute Turkey Meatball and Tortellini (Ravioli) Spinach Soup

My brother and I escorted Mom and Dad to the airport today, and with that dropped off the rest of our holiday week as well. Lucky for my pet fishy Spartacus (lovingly referred to as Sparty), who likes to be petted and thinks he’s a dog, we stopped by Walmart on the way home and I got him some water tablets, so someone gets to sleep in a clean bed tonight.

I’ll be finishing off my weekend with a nice long stretch-session (as should you, if you read the weekend challenge yesterday…). Car rides and weekends off can make me stiff, so I try to do a little something (yes, even on days when I’m not working out!) just to feel healthy.

In case anyone was looking for something to watch tonight, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will be on ABC Family. Hint Hint.

Good Things 🙂