Let’s Start Over, Whaddya Say?

That saying is from a computer game I used to play when I was little, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. I think it had to do with Aladdin.

Anyways, I got a little… under-motivated to blog when it felt like it was all the same. And now I’m back. With a couple new ideas… that are outside the immediate realm of faith, snacks, or jumping jacks. I still want to post weekend challenges, but I’m hoping to post more on other things I love, like podcasts, books, coupons/discounts/saving money in general, marine biology, and things I’m in the mood for. Hopefully you’ll be at least semi-in the mood as well and we’ll stay productive together. So let’s rock n’ roll!

Your Weekend Challenge is to do 50 push-ups both Saturday and Sunday. Regular, diamond, morning, night, on your knees or toes, whatever and whenever, just get 50 done each day!

Your other Weekend Challenge is to watch football, because it’s BAAAACCKKKK! Woot! It may even be time to whip out the tailgating recipes! I know it’s only week one, but you can never start perfecting Superbowl recipes too early, right? You could try one of these, or these, or these. Leave a comment and share your favorite!

Someday when people start to comment I’ll hold a Best Recipe Contest and give away PRIZES!

May your weekend be full of new, old, nothing, and everything great.

I sound like a fortune cookie.

Good Things 🙂